CorZap core complementing modules are designed to automate the operational procedures performed to manage the correspondent banking relationships; from beneficiary data & transaction fees validation, to claims management, clearance & settlement; to full transparency through notifying and alerting stakeholders involved in a transaction, including bank clients. CorZap straight through processing is the enabler to a real digital transformation experience for the next era of correspondent banking business.

Search & Archive

SWIFT messages are archived automatically in live mode, allowing users to search, display and export

Regulatory reports

Report on the full history of any SWIFT transaction, enabling the generation of sound statistical analytics

Internal & External Notification

SWIFT message alerts between departments in real time and automatic customer notification

Automatic Message Matching

Matching capability of SWIFT messages to facilitate and control movement of funds

Correspondent Fee Calculation

Automatically calculate bank charges and fees of different stakeholders in the transaction process

Claims management

Generate revenue through charges and fees on non-compliant messages

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