SWIFT gpi suite

The CorZap SWIFT gpi suite is designed to address back office operational needs, message monitoring and gpi compliance requirements for SWIFT. It will ultimately enable your customers to settle transactions in real time, more transparently and within a digitally transformed banking environment. The CorZap suite requires no alterations on the legacy backend systems. It is a plug and play solution. The Base engine of CorZap is mandatory and consists of a SWIFT Archive, a Search engine & and a Reporting module The CorZap SWIFT gpi suite plugs into a bank’s environment; automatically monitoring and generating message status updates to the swift tracker; required to achieve full compliance with the SWIFTgpi rulebook, on all currencies, on all categories. (gcct, gcov, gsrp)

Search & Archive

SWIFT messages are archived automatically in live mode, allowing users to search, display and export

Regulatory reports

Report on the full history of any SWIFT transaction, enabling the generation of sound statistical analytics

GPI Monitoring & Generation

Real time connect with SWIFTgpi via API; generate status messages and become a communication hub for a bank’s back office (GCCT/GCOV/GSRP status ready)

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