The basic gpi tracker: take a look behind the scenes

CorZap/ November 17, 2020/ News

With the 22 November deadline in sight, many banks across the globe have taken the decision to comply with the Universal Confirmation deadline through sending a simple csv file from the core bank system to the SWIFT alliance access. This light MT103 tracker is provided by SWIFT and it is free. It is intended to assist very small institutions typically

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Enhancing and expanding Trustlink’s value proposition with Corzap STP solution

CorZap/ November 16, 2020/ News, Testimonial

Trustlink provides innovative solutions and services that enable financial institutions, central banks and prestigious corporate enterprises to enhance information exchange and business process integration beyond the borders of the enterprise. The company is based in South Africa and has an established customer base of over 150 that spans 20 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Trustlink enables the secure and reliable exchange

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#SIBOS Perfect Pitch

CorZap/ November 14, 2020/ News

“On the operations side, CorZap can pair and match any financial message, validate fees and charges against correspondent agreements, identify the right to claim, what to claim, when to claim and actually create the claim message and directly communicate with correspondents to claim non-compliant messages”. Our Chairman Amr Soliman explains how SME Banks can run their cross-border transactions in a

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